Angry Grand Junction voters are coming out in droves to let Colorado Governor Jared Polis know their displeasure.

The newly-elected governor recently signed legislation passed by the state legislature that would give Colorado's electoral college votes to the national popular vote winner in the presidential election.

Petition signings have been organized to collect signatures from voters who disagree with the new legislation.

There will be three locations to sign petitions on Saturday, May 23.

Citrola's on Horizon Drive, High Horsepower Diesel on River Road, and Orchard Mesa Baptist Church will all have petitions available to sign from 10 am until 3 pm.

Grand Junction isn't the only Colorado community collecting signatures. The group Coloradoans Vote is organizing several similar petition-signing events across the state.

While the legislation has already passed and has been signed into law, those in opposition are hoping to send a message that this is the wrong direction for Colorado.

When the Colorado legislature passed the legislation in February, Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Don Wilson, of Monument, filed a petition with the Secretary of State challenging the bill. If enough signatures are gathered, the measure could go on the 2020 Colorado ballot in the general election.

Eleven other states have already passed similar legislation bringing the total number of electoral college votes to 181. If enough states sign on and get that total to 270, it seems the United State President would be elected on the basis of the national popular vote.

It's a bit ironic, that in the current system, the electoral college votes in Colorado all go to the popular vote winner in the state. But, if the system changes, those votes will go to the national popular vote winner.

The current process gives individual states some input as to who gets elected. If the national popular vote legislation ultimately is passed, states like Colorado will have very little involvement in choosing the president.

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