Colorado could be joining a growing list of states who want presidential election's decided by popular vote rather than electoral college.

Colorado Senate Bill 19-042 proposes to be on the list of states who have adopted similar legislation. Since 2006, 12 states have enacted such legislation. The National Popular Vote compact would go into effect when passed by states possessing the majority of electoral votes. At this point, the compact is just 98 electoral votes away from the majority they need.

But, wait, wasn't the electoral college system enacted by the U.S. Consitution? As a matter of fact, it was, and according to the national archives, it would take an amendment to the constitution to change the system. However, National Popular Vote says "The winner-take-all method of awarding electoral votes is state law. It is not in the U.S. Constitution."

It looks like there is a difference of opinion in exactly what the constitution says and means. This could get very interesting very soon, and may well end up in the hands of the United States Supreme Court.

During presidential elections through the years, the popular vote has mirrored the electoral college results most of the time. Only five times has a president been elected while losing the popular vote. Two of those occurrences have happened in the last 20 years, when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000, and in 2016 when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

The Colorado bill is scheduled to be discussed January 23 in the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee.

The question is, how do you feel about the presidential election process? Do you feel it needs to change? Do you think the process that has been in play for over 200 years is fine the way it is? We want to know what western Colorado thinks about the issue. Take a moment to cast a vote in the poll below, leave a comment, and we'll reveal the results in a future post.

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