Recognize those hairdos? If you were hanging around Grand Junction and Montrose back in the day, chances are you might remember these guys. How well do you remember "The Huns"?

This photo surfaced recently at Grand Junction's J.B. Hart Music. This press photo dates back to the 1960's, featuring a national touring band based out of Grand Junction. Look closely, you might just recognize some of the players.

Local musician and recording studio owner Mark Shortess regards this photo as the "Lost Ark of the Covenent" of band photos. He had been searching for it for decades. As it turns out, one remaining print was hanging out in storage at Hart Music.

Between Mark and Jan Hart, along with additional help from Huey Plumleigh and Ted Dussor via an impromptu meeting earlier today at Hart's, it seems we have reached an agreement as to the band's lineup.

If memory and aging-vision serves, the band consists of, starting with the back row:

  • Drummer - sorry, we don't know, but we're pretty sure he was from Denver.
  • Guitar - the one and only Rusty Estes
  • No instrument - Rick Jensen
  • Guitar at right - Wade Phillips
  • Guitar front row - George Gardine

The only member of this group I knew was Rusty Estes. When it came to guitar, Rusty was an absolute monster. That man knew more ways to voice a chord than any guitarist on the planet. Local players used to gather, usually with their jaws dropping to the floor, to listen and watch Rusty play.

Check out those guitars. Do you recognize those? Those are all Mosrites. You've seen that make of guitar used by some of the great surfer bands like The Ventures. Mosrite trademarks included the wacky design, the thin and narrow necks, low frets, and scorching hot pickups.

According to Jan Hart, the Huns somehow landed an endorsement deal from Hart Music and Mosrite. The band received matching guitars and basses, the very same instruments you see in this picture.

On a side note - those aren't wigs. Reliable sources confirm those are in fact the band's actual hairdos.

Please do not confuse this band with the late-70's Punk group out of Texas called "The Huns." We're talking about an entirely different groups of guys.

Here we are, living in a time with virtually no live music. Isn't it great to see images from a time when a group out of Grand Junction could play full-time, even tour all over the country? The Huns borrowed Hart Music's trailer and used it to tour all over the east cost.

Again, with the exception of Rusty, I never knew any of these individuals. Sadly, neither Rusty Estes or Rick Jensen are with us any longer.

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