If you're going to do this, you might as well do it right. The guide to re-gifting.

Be honest, most of us have done this. I have even been on both sides of this activity. I was re-gifted an item I had re-gifted to someone else. Who in turn re-gifted it to the person who re-gifted it to me. Got all that?

Here's the complete article from Yahoo.com.

For the most we will never know exactly how many times we have been on the short end of this holiday happening. That's probably because those people followed the guidelines to performing this act flawlessly.

First, the list of DO's:

  • Carefully consider the gift and recipient

The more the person will enjoy the gift, the less he or she will think it's re-gifted.

  • Package it properly

Don't skimp on wrapping. It's about the presentation,as well.

  • Remove ALL evidence of previous ownership

This is the one that gets most people.

  • Create a log of gifts and givers for next year.

Keep track. This a how the experts become experts.

Here are the DON'Ts:

  • No junk.

If there is damage or wear and tear, it's a giveaway.

  • Not within your family

Family members will talk about your gifts. They will figure it out.

  • Don't Lie

If you're busted owe it. Explain what happened and it'll probably turn out to be funny story you can tell for years.