You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I am a grouch.

I own it. I realized very early in life I was going to be grouchy so why not just be grouchy?

October 15th is National Grouch Day, so be aware that there are plenty of us out there. But what is it that makes up a grouch? That's a fair question, and if I wasn't so grouchy, I'd probably answer it for you.

According to, a grouch is a habitually grumpy person. That sounds about right. Let me give you an example of how a grouch operates.

I wake up grouchy because, well, I can't just sleep in. I have that whole job thing I have to do, so I get up, take my shower and get grumpy about the lack of coffee.

I get in the car and get grumpy because it's cold, so I have to let it warm up, which makes me grouchy because now I have to use more gas. Then I get to work and I'm grouchy because no one made coffee, so I have to.

You see? We're not even to noon yet and I am already so grouchy that I just ought to go back to bed.

So to all of the grouches around here, and all grouches everywhere, have a good National Grouch Day.

Or don't. I'm too grouchy to care.

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