It's that time of year again. Do you plan to get a flu shot?

Denver's Fox31 asked the question on social media: "Do you plan to get a flu shot?" As you can imagine, the flood gates opened and the debate commenced. Answers in every color of the rainbow began to populate the Facebook post.

Much to my surprise, several people posted they have never had the flu. Many of those people also state they've never had a flu shot. I'm running about 50/50. Some years I get a flu shot, some I don't. It's not so much a matter of being indecisive. More than anything, I simply fail to get around to it.

About fifteen years ago I was dating a nurse. She threatened to beat me up if I ever got a flu shot. She was violently opposed to them. Looking back, there were two things she forbid me to do:

  1. Get a flu shot
  2. Eat ice cream out of a soft-serve dispenser (according to her the bacteria levels were catastrophic)

When my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) spoke, I listened. That's the way it was, right up until the day I told her I lost my mind and then dumped her. Needless to say, I skipped flu shots for a couple of years. Looking back, I don't recall any noticeable difference in my health over the course of those flu seasons.

During my last doctor visit, I asked my physicians point-blank, person to person rather than a doctor to patient, whether or not I should get a flu shot. His response? He and his wife get a shot every year. Both are active, healthy people. It seems to work for them.

Regarding the shot itself: it's no biggie. I have no more love for needles than you do. When it comes to a flu shot, though, it's not really an issue. Health care providers came by the studio a few years ago to demonstrate how painless the new needles are. I volunteered for a flu shot, and had one of my sadistic co-workers video the event.

Watching this video, two things are obvious:

  1. I didn't feel a thing while receiving the shot
  2. I'm follically challenged. Does anyone know the phone number for the Hair Club for Men?

Seriously, I didn't even feel it. If the shot itself is your concern, don't worry about it.

The debate rages on. What are your plans for autumn 2019? Do you plan to get a flu shot? I'm asking because it would be interesting to see how the Western Colorado community responds. Please let me know.

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