Place your bets. This TV was placed in a pile of trash during Grand Junction's Spring Cleanup Program. Of course, items such as TV's are among those items which crews cannot pick up. So, there it sits, on the side of the road. How long do you think it will take before the original owner picks it up and disposes of it properly?

Look at that poor little-outdated TV. It's sitting there on the side of a Grand Junction street all alone, with nobody but a little oil stain to keep it company. It's safe to say it's going to get lonelier. You can bet it will be there awhile.

Smart money says it will sit there forever. The person who placed this in the trash obviously didn't read the guidelines outlining which items could and could not be set out for the trash cleanup program.

How long will it sit there? How long will it be until someone comes along and busts out the screen leaving broken glass over the street and gutter?

Yes, I've ranted several times about Grand Junction's Spring Cleanup Program. I love the program but have strong reservations about the way the public carries out their end of it.

Sincerely, there is no doubt in my mind the person who placed this out in the street intends to make no effort to pick it up. It will sit there for an eternity... to the end of time!

Given human nature, the smart thing to do would be to put a "For Sale: $50 OBO" sign on it. Somebody would probably steal it within an hour. If one were to put a "Free" sign on it, you could bet it would sit on the side of the street until the 23rd century.

Honestly, let's take bets to see how long the TV will sit there. I'll keep track of it. This is not an actual wager, so there will be no prize awarded to the winners. This is just for fun.

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