Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about nail artist and nail salon owner, Kelsey Gleason. This is how Kelsey Glitter Gleason built her nail salon in Grand Junction.

Kelsey started doing nails about seven years ago. She said she was working for an oil and gas company when she found out she was pregnant and lost her job. Kelsey was looking for something different to do and decided to learn how to do nails.

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After she started school, she found out that she loved doing nails because of the people and the creative aspect. Nails ended becoming a huge passion and Kelsey's career. She started doing nails seven years ago and started her nail salon, Indigo Beauty Lounge, about four years ago in Grand Junction.

We had to ask Kelsey what her favorite kind of nails are and she says the 'wild, edgy, fun nails' are her favorite. She said that if a girl is a 'boujee' she loves that and she's down to do any kind of design, colors, shapes, and glitter, of course. Kelsey has a glitter obsession and has a whole glitter cabinet at her salon to prove it.

Sometimes her clients trust her artistic ability and let her do whatever she wants. That's exactly what we let Kelsey do with our nails, and ended up some very cool pink, blue and holographic nails and they even include the Mix 104.3 logo.

Kelsey Gleason's whole family is self-employed so she always knew that she wanted to be her own boss. She told us that the past seven years of doing nails have just flown by and that she can't imagine not owning Indigo Beauty Lounge.

Before she left, Kelsey said that she's all about self-love and self-care and reminded everyone to love themselves more and take some time for your self.

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