Have you ever considered how innocent or illegal you are? I was thinking about the illegal things I don't do in my life the other day, and realized I was really innocent. I don't have the slightest clue where to even start to look if I wanted to do things like buy drugs, hack someone's computer of information, or track someone with technology. I was a bit more rebellious in my younger days. I was a speeder and was always racing around town. I even got caught drag racing once. I hit the college parties in high school and have driven drunk. I have been arrested, although I was not guilty of the crime, but I never even made it to the holding cell at the police station. I wasn't even handcuffed!

These days I have practically stopped speeding(I slip every once in awhile), I have never tried any illegal drugs, I never skipped a class in high school and I don't even play hooky from work unless I am really sick. I don't drink anymore, and really try not to even tell white lies. I am truly a very innocent person.

Take the poll and let us know where you rate yourself. We do not track anything from our polls, they are just for fun, so don't worry about how you answer. I am curious how many people are like me, or unlike me in their innocents.

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