So I was in a Media Council meeting the other day when the GJPD warned that they would be cracking down on "Puffers" and they weren't referring to Amendment 64, find out more here . . .

Seems like Amendment 64 is on everyone's minds these days, that's why when they mentioned "puffing" several people thought that's what they were referring to, but that's not the case!

"Puffing" is a term coined by car thieves to describe a vehicle left running unattended, and that's why it's illegal to leave your car running unattended in Colorado!

According to statistics 50% of car thefts are a result of keys being left in the vehicle and that's why our local Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force (WCATT) and Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT) are teaming up this week to "put the brakes on puffers”.

I spoke with folks all across the Western Slope this weekend and I would have to say at least 30% of us leave our vehicles running unattended while they warm up in the morning.

That's why I want to warn you that members of WCATT will be on the lookout for “puffers” all week long, and you can actually be fined up to $100 (which is better than you car being stolen but still no fun).

I will even be doing my Friday show from one of their patrol vehicles so that we can provide educational information to our listeners.

For more information about protecting yourself from auto theft visit

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