Olathe sweet corn is everywhere and the question came up, how do people in Grand Junction eat it? Out of curiosity, I conducted a survey and am ready to reveal the results.

The survey, a combination of a request on Facebook and personal interviews, was also a personal quest to find someone other than myself who prefers to remove the corn from the cob before eating it.

That group is small, but there was one way to eat corn that even fewer people admitted to. The results?

  1. Typewriter Style - 56%
  2. Rotary/Around the Cob - 24%
  3. Stripped Off the Cob - 12%
  4. Random - 8%
  5. Don't Eat It - 0%

Next week, I'll have the second question from the Olathe sweet corn survey. Meantime, if you haven't already, you can still share how you eat Olathe sweet corn.

The survey, while targeted to Grand Junction residents is actually open to anyone who eats Olathe sweet corn. So, even if you're not in GJ, don't let that stop you from responding.

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