Admit it, you love standing in line for three hours to renew your driver's license. In the event you can't make time to stand around for three hours with 45 of your closest friends, try renewing your Colorado driver's license online. It's surprisingly quick, costs almost the same (costs $5.33 more to do it online, for a total of $26.33), and can be done from the convenience of your home or office.

Is it time to renew your driver's license? This is the event you dread every five years? Whereas in the past you had to drive down to the bureau and stand around forever with this little scrap of paper with a number on it, you can now renew online.

When renewing via the web, you have the opportunity to take care of business like signing up to be an organ donor, registering to vote, or changing your mailing address.

Start to finish, the process took me less than five minutes. That's five minutes for everything: filling out the info, making the payment, printing the receipt, etc.

To get started, log on to Once there, you'll be greeted by a very simple, extremely basic home page. Your tour guide through the process is a dude named Guy Vroom.

Guy Vroom is a bit of a twerp. He's 5'9", 160 pounds soaking wet, and boasts a mullet. On the other hand, Vroom is alright. He's a registered voter, and, best of all, signed up to be an organ donor. You can see all of this via his sample driver's license.

When you renew online, you're going to be on the honor system for a couple of items. Check out the homepage:

What else will you need to renew? According to

  • You must have a valid credit card
  • You must possess a valid email account

For the record, when I tried to renew online five years ago, my renewal application was turned down. I never received an explanation why. Ultimately, my presence was required at the downtown office where my renewal was conducted in person. There was nothing wrong, so I'm still unclear why I was turned down online. With my renewal this morning, everything went smooth as glass.

Save time, frustration, and a ton of wear-and-tear on your feet, and renew your Colorado Driver's License online. Please keep in mind, if you're not an organ donor, and would like to become one, you can sign up while renewing. This is also an opportunity to register to vote. Renew online, from the home or office, and spend your time on more worthwhile endeavors.