All babies are miracles. This one is, too -- with a twist.

A couple in Wake County, N.C. welcomed a baby girl on January 27, which just so happens to be her mom and dad's birthday. The odds of them all sharing the same birthday? One in 48 million.

New mom Lisa Lowe-Hall succinctly summed up the arrival of baby London by saying, "We're just as shocked as everybody else."

Lowe-Hall is also pleased as punch at the triple birthday:

It's the best birthday gift I think either one of us could have. I think it is crazy that I have the same birthday as my husband and now to have my daughter's birthday the same day is extremely special."

London arrived a day after her due date and had to be delivered via C-section.

With the amount of presents due to switch hands on their birthdays, it's safe to say that January 27 is going to look a lot like December 25 from here on out in their house.

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