We saw protesters across the country over this past weekend, most of which are trying to speak out about wanting to reopen all businesses. Protests took place in Denver as well as here in Grand Junction with hundreds of vehicles lining the streets and honking their horns in protest that businesses should be reopened.

This is a topic that has the whole country divided as some people want to see the COVID-19 number drop more before we have any public gatherings or open businesses and restaurants open to the public, as others want everything back open because this is causing a huge financial burden on business owners and their employees.

The big protest that took place in Denver over the weekend was called "Operation Gridlock" and included medical staff standing in the middle of very busy and popular crosswalks in Denver. The pair of medical professionals said they wanted to remind the protesters who are on the frontline fighting the virus.

As of now, the current Colorado stay-at-home order is set to run through Sunday, April 26th. I'm sure that we will hear more this week from Governor Polis on what his plans are for reopening our state soon.

No matter how you feel about this topic, please remember to be kind to others as we continue to get through this time together. There is so much negativity and people being disrespectful towards each other because they don't have the same point of view. Please just remember to be kind as everyone is going through their own struggles during this unusual time.

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