This was the scene on Grand Junction's Audubon Trail early Christmas Eve. It appears as though only a few people chose to take advantage of this awesome trail.

By my count I see two sets of footprints. The impressions in the snow head up the trail on the right side, and then back down on the left. That's only two people, with me being the third, taking advantage of a Christmas Eve walk in fresh snow.

This trail doesn't get utilized nearly enough. I know you're probably tired of me whining about it. This is probably the third or fourth time I've blogged about it. Nevertheless, this trail is awesome under any conditions. Fresh snow on Christmas Eve? Perfect.

Where was everybody? Using this trail does not require a parks pass of any kind. It's close by, well maintained, and FREE!

One word of caution - there are portions of this trail which remain in the shade year round. Take fresh snow, combine it with a lack of sunshine, and you get ice. There were a few slippery spots along the trail. For the most part, these are no big deal. Some people, though, jog this trail, even in the snow. If that's you, please be careful.

Please put this trail to use. It doesn't matter if it's fresh snow on Christmas Eve, no snow on December 20, or 105 degrees on August 20. Grand Junction's Audubon Trail is amazing 365 days a year. Please note - this is a blacktop, and when it gets hot out, the surface of the trail gets blazing hot. Please keep that in mind if you're walking your pets.

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