A Colorado High School Football team has been suspended for two games following an investigation into alleged hazing activities.

Hazing Activities Result In Two-Game Suspension

The Canon City Tigers football team will miss the next two games of the high school season after an investigation by the Canon City Police Department determined a majority of players on the varsity football team attended hazing activities. Though the exact nature of those activities was not divulged, the hazing allegedly involved students being pinned down against their will and involved "emotional stress and fear."

According to KOAA, investigators found no evidence of criminal activity, however, the initiation activities are a violation of the Colorado High School Activities Association bylaws. The administration of the high school made the decision to suspend the football team for two games and they will resume their season on October 15.

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Investigation Turned Over To the Police Department

Initial reports of an initiation ritual by the Canon City High School football team on September 20 resulted in an investigation by the CCHS administration, which was then turned over to the police department. The Canon City Police Department worked with the Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center in conducting interviews with members of the football team and was able to identify witnesses and possible victims of hazing. There was no evidence that any coaches or school officials were involved or aware of the hazing incidents.

Thankfully, there have been no reports of students being seriously injured during these incidents. Hopefully, the students responsible for the hazing have learned a valuable lesson concerning the inappropriateness of this type of behavior and the consequences of their actions.

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