Have you ever seen Grand Junction and Fruita from high atop the transmitter sites on Black Ridge? For that matter, where is Black Ridge? Take a look at the valley from a different perspective.

You may not be familiar with the name Black Ridge, but you've seen the site countless thousands of times. As a matter of fact, you can't not see it.

Black Ridge refers to a fairly large area consisting of a number of elevations and canyons near Glade Park and the Colorado National Monument. Sources place the elevation of the region as ranging from 4,700 feet above sea level along the river to 6,800 feet.

The next time you step outside, take a look to the west. You'll see a number of radio transmitters and cell towers atop the highest plateau. The photos above were shot from the site of the tallest transmitter to the right.

Black Ridge offers a unique look at the valley. You can see the mountains and canyons to the west, while simultaneously enjoying a view of the Bookcliffs, Mt. Garfield, and the Grand Mesa.

Unfortunately for the site-seer or photographer, access to the plateau on Black Ridge is blocked by a locked gate. It is safe to say most people will not have access to the view from the transmitter site.

Enjoy a view of the valley from a slightly different vantage point. Black Ridge offers a 360 degree view of Western Colorado, something we don't always get here in the mountain regions.

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