Colorado teachers, principles and other school staff members will be offered advanced firearms training. What is District 51's stance on this? 

The undertaking is presented by the Coloradans for Civil Liberties organization. The point is to educate and instruct teachers in skills to help prevent another school shootings.

It is a three-day course that is run by SWAT, police and other federal law officials. Focusing on gun usage and safety, hand to hand combat and medical training to help treat gunshot wounds.

The first seminar is set for June 20 through 22 in Weld County. To be eligible, you must be a staff member of a Colorado school and possess a concealed carry permit. For more information or to get registered click here.

There is, of course, arguments for and against this type of proposition.

Many rural Colorado school districts already have staff members who legally carry a concealed firearm. Most of these districts support it, in the event of an actual shooting, law enforcement may be miles away.

Detractors state that guns can be possibly stolen by students or if the weapon is locked, there wouldn't be enough time to retrieve it anyway.

So, how do you feel on this? Would you feel safer knowing that teachers in District 51 are carrying a gun?

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