We all know that this year has been extremely difficult for many people especially business owners who could have never predicted a pandemic would drastically cut any profits they projected to begin the year. There is no doubt many employees have felt the devastating effects of the year that's why it was such great news to hear that the Grand Junction City Council authorized the Business Incubator Center to distribute funds to eligible businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The details first released by KREX, with a total of $300,000 worth of grant funding that will be distributed to businesses. The amounts will go up to the amount of $7,500 to businesses in the city limits that can demonstrate they have had significant losses due to the struggles from the virus.

It's also important to report that any businesses that have already applied for city funds under another program are eligible to reapply for the difference between your original award and $7,500.

To find out more about these grants that are available from the Business Incubator Center and to file an application for a grant, click here. All grants will be awarded by December 11th, so don't wait to file your application.

To every business owner or manager make sure to take the time to apply for this grant money as it's here to help. To employees, make sure your employer knows that this grand money is available. If they don't currently know, this is how you could become the employee of the month.

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