Have you attempted riding down Grand Junction's Widowmaker hill? Have you attempted to ride UP Widowmaker hill? It's hard to determine which is worse. Take a "virtual ride" down Widowmaker, and make up your own mind as to whether this is something you'd like to try.

I can honestly say I've taken a bike down Widowmaker before. Okay, so I was carrying the bike, but it was still hard. Believe it or not, some people ride down this thing... by choice.

The video above was shot while I was walking down the hill. My days of attempting to ride it are way behind me. What you're seeing is a slow motion, VERY slow motion, "virtual" tour of the hill. It's harder than it looks.

You can access Widowmaker from a number of different trails. Personally, I set out from Tabeguache just off of Little Park Road. Some start at the trail head at Lunch Loop.

Google Maps

From time to time, you'll see someone riding down this thing. Granted, they're usually wearing hockey pads, a crash helmet, face mask, and a few other assorted pieces of armor.

Every once in a while, you'll see somebody riding up it. They are in a little better shape than most of us. No matter which direction you go, this thing is rough.

If I had $5 to my name, I would offer it to you as a dare. Unfortunately, I don't have $5, and your medical bills would come to a lot more than five bucks. What would it take to get you to ride down (or up) this hill?