Have you ever visited a music festival or event in Grand Junction and found yourself amazed by a phenomenal dancing couple? They are the Marvins, and they were caught in the act on Friday at the Grand Junction Off Road Downtown Music Festival on Main Street.

Everybody loves the Marvins. You'll catch them at area festivals, local lodges, or wherever you would expect to find great dance music.

Husband and wife Bruce and Tanya Marvin have been married for over 40 years. You’ve probably wondered if they met through dancing, or if they picked it up later as a couple.

It just so happens Bruce and Tanya had been married for some time before they took up dancing. As a matter of fact, their kids were already grown and out of the house before the couple took their first dance steps.

Nowadays, you'll see people stop in their tracks in order to watch the couple dance. If you're heading down to this weekend's festival, keep your eyes open. Somewhere, sometime, the Marvins are bound to show up.

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