There's a new kid in town. In this case, the new kid has to older siblings who've been in operation in Grand Junction for some time. A popular local restaurant has a new location on Horizon Drive, and the doors are open for business.

Recognize that paint job? Where have you seen it before? Please welcome Aztecas to Horizon Drive. If you live in Orchard Mesa, you see a similar color combination every time you drive Highway 50. For those on the Redlands, same thing. With the opening of this new location, though, the Redlands restaurant has been closed.

Waylon Jordan

Does the building look familiar? If you've been around Grand Junction long, it should. This used to be the Horizon Drive Pizza Hut. It had been in business forever. Well, it closed some time ago. It wasn't long before the building was painted orange and renovations began on this new restaurant.

I went to the Orchard Mesa location once a few years ago. As I recall, it was really good. Mexican food isn't my thing, but I thought I would give them a try. Recently, I visited the location next to Albertson's on the way to the Redlands. It was excellent as well. I regret that location is no longer in operation.

Doors are open for business on Horizon Drive. There appeared to be a good crowd on their second day of business. By 1:45 Wednesday afternoon, the place was jumping.

In my mind, this will make a great addition to the Horizon Drive selection of restaurants. You have a handful of chain restaurants in the area, not to mention a number of locally owned Italian restaurants. A locally operated Mexican restaurant might just be the perfect touch.

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