The paint job alone should give it away. This location was a Pizza Hut back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Soon, a new restaurant will be open at this site. Who's moving in?

Renovations are underway at 705 Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. A new restaurant is moving into an old location. Is this a new startup?

It just so happens a popular Grand Junction restaurant is opening a third location. Again, the paint job alone should give it away. Do the colors look familiar? Where have you seen them before?

If you live in Orchard Mesa, you see a similar color combination every time you drive Highway 50. For those on the Redlands, same thing.

Have you been to Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurants? You'll find two locations already serving Grand Junction: 2516 Broadway and 603 Highway 50. Both look similar to the new location pictured above.

I went to the Orchard Mesa location once a few years ago. As I recall, it was really good. Mexican food isn't my thing, but I thought I would give them a try.

In my mind, this will make a great addition to the Horizon Drive selection of restaurants. You have a handful of chain restaurants in the area, not to mention a number of locally owned Italian restaurants. A locally operated Mexican restaurant might just be the perfect touch.

You'll notice they have applied for a liquor license.

Aztecas Grand Junction liquor license application
Waylon Jordan

Welcome to Horizon Drive, Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurant. Congratulations on your third location. When will they open? That's unclear. Apparently, they had hoped to open in June, but plans had to be pushed back.

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