Another Grand Junction business is getting ready to open its doors. The new Stop N' Save location on Horizon Drive will be open before you know it.

Make your way down Horizon Drive and you'll see a fence erected around the perimeter of the store. The sign reads "CLOSED" and "HARD HAT AREA."

The old Stop N' Save store at this location closed August 28, 2018. At that time it was announced they were planning to demolish the old building and have a new store up and running by January 2019. Well, it's January 2019, and they are right on schedule.

The new Stop N' Save will operate from the same site at 723 Horizon Drive. I called the parent company earlier today, and they hope to have the new location open as early as tomorrow (Friday, January 11) or at the latest, next Monday (January 14).

In this case, construction of the new building began before the demolition of the old building. The new structure is located behind the spot occupied by the previous store.

The picture below was taken the day after the original store closed. As you can see, progress had already been made on the new building.

Waylon Jordan

The artist rendering below has been on display for some time. At a glance, the new store looks to be much larger. Looking at the newly completed building, I'm not sure the overall square footage is any greater. Many services have been added, though. Services such as Hunt Brothers Pizza will be a part of the new store. Increased space in front of the building makes room to accommodate a greater number of fuel pumps.

Waylon Jordan

Here's looking forward to an awesome new Convenience store. This location has typically been my last stop before hitting the road and jumping on I-70. The updated building and new services will be greatly appreciated.

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