Are you in need of winter clothing? Are you looking to gift clothing for the colder temperatures? Here are a few articles of Grand Junction gear just in time for Christmas.

If you're like me, you have former Grand Junction residents on your shopping list. I have a few friends that lived in the Happy Valley decades ago, but left for military service, and never moved back. They mention how often they miss Grand Junction. They live in Oregon now. I was just there, and let me tell, it can get pretty cold in Oregon. Well, here's a perfect Christmas Gift.

How about a cozy sweatshirt proudly displaying "Grand Junction"? It looks good, sends a great message, and makes for a perfect gift. Here are five that caught my eye.

Bonus Fashion Choice:

Look sharp this Holiday Season, and tell the world about Grand Junction. The last time I was in Oregon, I picked up a Coos Bay t-shirt. People stop me all the time when I wear it. Turnabout is fair play. Get your Grand Junction gear today.

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