It appears we'll all be sporting face masks for a while. If were going to do this, we might as well look good and express ourselves. Here are a handful of face masks which might suit your sense of style.

First, let me assure you I'm not making light of this situation. Just the opposite. Do you remember four months ago when it was virtually impossible to find a mask? People were doing creative things to fabricate what they could.

Time has gone by, and manufacturers have had a chance to catch up. Along the way, some have come up with some interesting designs. Oddly, most are surprisingly affordable. For your consideration, here are a number of face masks which may be precisely what you've been looking for.

Check out these awesome selections. I've done my best to keep with the less expensive options. Stay to the end, the last one on the list will blow your mind. Right out of the gate, a couple of masks I'm going to order right now.

Oh, yeah! I'm ordering those this instant. In each case the cost of shipping is more than the price of the mask. I don't care, those are mine! Here are a couple for those of us who love Colorado.

Here's one for the "other" sci-fi fans.

Seriously, they are cranking these out at the speed of light.

Here you go, Bronco fans.

Here's one from the queen of merchandising, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Did you know she's a Colorado native? Yep. Cassandra Peterson, her alter ego, grew up in Colorado Springs.

This is the one I was talking about. Check out our amazing Bookcliffs. This takes awesomeness to an all new level.

Like I said, we're all going to be wearing these for a while, so we might as well get comfy and wear something we enjoy. The prices seem reasonable, if not surprisingly cheap. Stay safe, try to stay cool during this summer heat, and hopefully, before long, this will all be a distant memory.

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