Do you find yourself wishing from day to that somehow you could just have more?

We Are Always Wanting More

It's pretty normal to want more. We always want more ice cream, more French fries, more room, more time with family, and more years on Earth. More, more, more. There are some things we want more of and there are some things we need more of. Differentiating between the two is sometimes difficult.

We Need More Small Shopping Carts

I inadvertently began the discussion when I said we need more small shopping carts in the world. You know, the ones at the grocery store that are about half the size of a regular shopping cart and are so much easier to navigate up and down the crowded aisles of the store. The problem is, most of the time when I'm at the store, there are none of these small carts available. They are either in use - or scattered abroad across the parking lot.

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It's the Little Things In Life That Bring Us Joy

It seems like a small thing, but it's one thing in my life that would surely bring me a little bit of joy. And I think I'm not the only one who feels that way because the other day when I was at the store a man asked me if I was finished with my cart. When I told him I was finished, he said,  "Good, can I have it? I would have paid you for it." I laughed and gladly handed my small shopping cart over to him, happy to see the joy on his face.

13 Things Grand Junction Wants More Of

I asked our listeners and Facebook friends to answer the question. What is one thing you need more of in your world? Many of their responses made me smile. Scroll through the images below and I think they will make you smile as well.

A List of Missed Long Gone Grand Junction Bars + Restaurants

Here's a list of long gone Grand Junction bars and restaurants that are missed. Grand Junction will never forget these bars and restaurants that are long gone.

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