The Grand Junction Sears store will be closing its doors for good later this month. Between now and then, the store is hosting a huge liquidation sale. Just how good are the deals?

The clerk at the checkout stand told me the Sears store at the Mesa Mall will close for good on October 27. Whereas a month ago the signs in the store read "10% to 40% Off," they now read "10% to 50% Off Lowest Marked Price."

With the store approaching its last few weeks of business, this seemed like a good time to drop in and check out the deals. Upon walking through the doors it quickly becomes obvious this is a closeout sale. Many of the shelves are bare, and the racks are almost empty.

Today's findings match those of a month ago - the big-ticket items appear to be great deals, while the smaller, less expensive items don't show the same degree of savings. That is an opinion, anyway.

As a slumlord, or I mean landlord, I was curious to see if they offered big discounts on appliances. I found several great deals. If I could save big bucks on a refrigerator or stove, it would make for an excellent opportunity to replace appliances in my rentals. Several such deals were found.

Waylon Jordan

How about tools and household items? Many tools were marked down 30% or more. Unfortunately, those shelves are getting a bit bare, too. Household items such as vacuum cleaners were marked down, but not to the degree of other items.

Waylon Jordan

My visit included the purchase of a new bedding set: fitted sheet, sheet, and two pillowcases. Lowest marked price on the set was $39.99. My final cost after tax came out to $25.00. Bedding materials are something I buy about once every ten years, so I haven't a clue if this was a good deal or not.

What about shoes? The shoe department is pretty thin. Actually, it's really thin. The shelves were so empty I really didn't bother to look around.

Waylon Jordan

Upon reaching the checkout lane, many a parent took this opportunity to save big and make huge purchases. The lady in front of me probably had at least 30-40 children's clothing items.

Again, my findings pretty much match those of a month ago. If you're looking for appliances or tools or major items, get down to Sears quickly before those items are gone. Smaller items, or at least what's left of them, don't seem to be quite the bargain.

I really hate to see this store leave. I remember going out to the Mesa Mall back in the early 1980's when Sears was all they had. Seriously, the Sears store was it for a while. Eventually, the mall expanded, and more major retailers came on board. A relative and a very good friend made careers out of working at this store. While I have to admit I rarely purchased anything there, I can honestly say I will miss it.

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