I would swear to you there was a building at this site not more than 72 hours ago. As of Saturday night, it was gone. What happened to the Back Porch Music building at 995 Independent Avenue in Grand Junction?

Seriously, I was in this building not that long ago. It was common knowledge the structure had been sold, but no one, not even the former employees of this store, knew it was going to be torn down.

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What used to be here?

For years, 995 Independent Avenue was the home of Back Porch Music. This store sold popular brands of guitars, basses, drums, PA gear, accessories, etc. In addition, the building featured private lesson facilities and a performance hall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The building was still being used not that long ago.

Even after Back Porch Music shut down its retail operations, part of the building was still leased by a private teacher. RL Drum Studio operated out of the former performance hall at Back Porch.

In addition to the private music lessons, the space was used as a rehearsal hall for both the Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra and Clark Gault's Swing City Express. I personally attended a rehearsal in the building back in June 2020, right in the middle of quarantine.

Swing City Express Social Distance Rehearsal June 2020
Scott Betts

Fast forward to March 27, 2021.

There I was, heading into Sam's Club to get a lifetime supply of paper towels, a 144-count box of Pop Tarts, and a bottle of Jim Beam, when suddenly... I noticed Back Porch Music had been leveled.

Back Porch Music Torn Down 1
Waylon Jordan

Did anyone see this coming?

The former employees at Back Porch didn't. I spoke with two former employees, and neither had any knowledge the building was going to be torn down.

I didn’t (see it coming). End of an era. - former employee D'Ray Canaday

Who's moving in?

In the middle of the rubble you'll see a Grand Junction Land Development Application sign. The number on it reads 2021-38. If you visit the City's website, you'll find the following information.

  • Plan Number SPN-2021-38
  • Applied Date 01/25/2021
  • Type Site Plan - Major
  • Status Active
  • Main Parcel 2945-103-36-001
  • Project Name - American Family Care
  • Description Request approval for a site plan review for an Urgent Care Facility on .454 acres in a C-2 (General Commercial) zone district.

If you dig a little deeper, the American Family Care webpage states:

Afc Urgent Care Grand Junction (BLOOM COLORADO LLC) is an urgent care clinic/ center in Grand Junction, Colorado. Urgent Care Clinics provide treatment for the non-life threatening illnesses and injuries and in such cases, it is more efficient to use an urgent care clinic than an ER in terms of both money and time.

Farewell, Back Porch Music.

The Back Porch Music building at 995 Independent Avenue really wasn't that old. As recently as the 1990's, Back Porch Music was located on Main Street in Grand Junction. The owner, Dwight, decided to relocate to a "stand alone" building at a new location, and made the move to Independent Avenue.

Years after the move he added on a "warehouse" section to the store. Years after that he built the performance venue, "On Stage at Back Porch Music." Shortly after that he added an environmentally controlled room for acoustic guitars.

Well, things change. Farewell Back Porch Music at 995 Independent. When Back Porch closed, I had images in my find of someone opening a coffee venue at the site. If not that, then perhaps a hair studio. I certainly never expected it would be torn down.

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