Grand Junction, with the current crisis in full swing, here's something we can do for our neighbors, especially our seniors.

The following post went up this morning on the website Nextdoor:


Personally, I think this is the best thing I've seen this the outbreak began. Chances are we all know someone who is without transportation due to age or health. Imagine how horrifying the current circumstances would be if you were in that situation.

According to the website Telegraph, the coronavirus outbreak could be a chance for society to reset its relationship with older people.

The kind of things we should be doing to support older people are the kind of things we should be doing anyway - coronavirus outbreak or not." - Donna Buxton, head of research at the International Longevity Centre.

This applies to me more than anyone. I moved into a new house about six months ago. My next-door neighbor is an elderly widower. Rarely will you ever see any company visiting. It hadn't occurred to me to check on him. I'll make a point to rectify that today.

Now that I think about it, my grandmother's cousins, both in well into their 80s, might be in need of assistance. Neither drives any longer. It has been my assumption their daughter has been checking on them. Then again, if their daughter is ill or contagious, she would be unable to be in proximity to her parents.

Times are a little tough right now, so let's look in on one another. Connecting with my neighbor is long overdue. Checking in on my cousins is drastically overdue. This may be the silver lining in the middle of this mess.

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