Try saying that three times fast, "Buy three, get three free." A Grand Junction store offers a holiday deal where you get three free items when you purchase three items. Think about that for a minute - you could knock out six people on your Christmas list in one shot.

Bath & Body Works at the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, is joining in with other stores in the chain for this special promotion. What all will you find at the store? Personally, I've never been there. According to their website:

Bath & Body Works is the ultimate one-stop shop for delicious-smelling soaps, lotions and body sprays, and if you were thinking of getting some gifts to pamper your friends with this holiday season, you’re in luck.

What items do they include in this special promotion?

  • select lotions
  • body gel
  • body butter
  • body cream
  • body wash
  • body scrub
  • shower gel
  • shimmer and fragrance mists

This sounds like an excellent Christmas shopping possibility. I know some really stinky people. How do the numbers work? Put simply, you can mix and match various products, and of the six you select, the three lowest priced products are free. This opportunity applies to online and in-store sales. As of today, December 15, there is no end date on the promotion.

Look out, credit card, it's shopping time. You and I both could knock out a ton of shopping with one stop and a single charge to the old credit cart.

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