About half of the school districts in Colorado are already on a four-day week schedule and so far, none of them have switched it back, according to Colorado School Finance. There were 39 districts on the four-day schedule in 2000 in Colorado and now there are over 90, according to Colorado's Four-Day School Week Information Manual.

Brighton School District 27J is currently looking into making the switch to a a four-day school week. According to CBS Denver, the switch would save the school just about $1 million. 

Most schools that practice a four-day week have Fridays off, but some take Mondays off instead. Students attend school for 7.5 hours a day for 144 days instead of six hours for 180 days. 

Currently four schools in Mesa County are on the four-day week: Independence Academy, Juniper Ridge Community School, New Emerson School at Columbus and Dual Immersion Academy School.

I would absolutely love to work a four-day work week, but most jobs aren't like that. Say your children attend school four days a week and you work five days a week. What are you supposed to do on the day when you're off and they're not? In theory, a four-day school week sounds great, but it seems like it'd be extremely challenging to make it work.

How do you feel about the four-day school schedule? Do you want to make the switch?

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