It's hard to imagine driving down Grand Junction's North Avenue without seeing Texas Roadhouse in front of Walmart, but that day is apparently coming.

List of Businesses Leaving North Avenue Grows

The list of businesses that have left North Avenue is long and that list continues to grow.  Through the years, the busy Grand Junction thoroughfare has witnessed the departures of such notable businesses as Kmart, Hastings, Hobby Lobby, City Market, and Carville's Automart among others. Get ready to add one more to the list.

Texas Roadhouse Will Apparently Say Goodbye To North Avenue

Just like Hobby Lobby, City Market, and Carville's, the popular chain restaurant Texas Roadhouse will apparently be leaving North Avenue and relocating to 2405 Patterson Road, the former Sutherlands location near Mesa Mall. According to the City of Grand Junction website, Texas Roadhouse will be part of the Sutherlands Redevelopment at Mesa Mall, which also includes the addition of Cracker Barrel and Chipotle.

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When Will the Texas Roadhouse Move Happen?

Of course, this is all in the development stage at this point. The Sutherlands building will have to be brought down and new buildings constructed. No timetable has been given for the completion of the project or when the restaurants will be ready for business.

Bad News For North Avenue?

The move by Texas Roadhouse is bad news for the east end of North Avenue, which feels like it's on life support. Hopefully, the restaurant will be replaced by a high-quality, popular restaurant so that North Avenue isn't left with a vacant building in the high-traffic area around Walmart.

The good news is Grand Junction is not losing one of its most popular restaurants. It's just going to be a longer drive to get there for folks living on the east side of Grand Junction.

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