You just can't beat a great breakfast. If suddenly, the only meal left in Colorado was breakfast, Grand Junction would still be in pretty good shape.

Which Grand Junction restaurant serves up your favorite pancakes? We took this question to social media, and have narrowed down the answers to the nine best places in the Grand Valley for a pancake breakfast according to you.

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Looking for Mesa Size Pancakes?

One of my favorite places to go for pancakes in the Grand Valley is Randy's Southside Diner. Randy's is home to the "Mesa Pancake Breakfast." It's a giant pancake sandwich with eggs and bacon, which I've never been able to finish in one sitting. Find out more about Randy's "Grand Mesa" sized pancakes here.

Need A Smile With Your Pancakes?

If you are looking for friendly faces serving breakfast with a smile, one of the best places to go is the Sunrise Restaurant. Sunrise opened following the closing of Los Reyes in 2019, with many familiar faces still serving customers.

Avoid Long Breakfast Lines

Nothing can ruin a morning faster than a long line of people waiting for a table at your favorite breakfast restaurant. As someone who likes to go out for breakfast, there is one restaurant in Grand Junction where I have never had to wait to be seated. It's Las Maria's. They have a fantastic breakfast menu and some of the best gluten-free pancakes in Grand Junction.

Keep going to see the nine locations you told us are some of the best places for pancakes in the Grand Valley.

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