This Friday, April 14, is the day we observe "National That Sucks Day." Yes, you heard right, "That Sucks Day." Where can you go in Grand Junction to get a little pick-me-up and a reprieve from the suckage? Here are a few places in Western Colorado capable of curing your case of the blues.

Why exactly did someone create a "That Sucks Day" and why would it fall on April 14? What's so significant about that date? Well, here are a few things which occurred on April 14:

  • The assassination of President Lincoln
  • The sinking of the Titanic
  • American Tax Day (normally)

Well, that pretty much explains why April 14 was chosen for this particular holiday. How do we go about breaking the cycle? Here are a few magnificent things unique to Western Colorado that will totally shatter the cycle of suckage on April 14.

  • Lever Action
    Lever Action

    Go See Western Colorado's Lever Action

    Warehouse 2565

    As you are no doubt aware, Western Colorado band Lever Action kicks butt! We don't get to see them in Grand Junction very often, so this Friday night will be a special treat. Catch the guys at one of the hottest venues in all of Western Colorado, Warehouse 2565 starting at 8 p.m.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Hike the Palisade Rim Trail

    Just east of downtown Palisade

    One of the best hikes you could ever ask for is right here in your backyard. It is one of the better-kept secrets in the valley. The Palisade Rim Trail is just east of the Colorado River, just across the bridge from Palisade. The hike is excellent, and the scenery is unmatched. Nothing sucks when you're enjoying an incredible hike like this.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Coffee at a Local Venue

    Various around town - and all of them are awesome

    A fresh cup of coffee, especially on a Friday morning, can knock the suck right out of "That Sucks Day." Western Colorado has some of the best coffee houses anywhere. Here's just a few:

    • Colorado Legacy Coffee
    • Roasted
    • Trailhead Coffee
    • Main Street Bagels
    • Colorado Mountain Grind Coffee Company
    • Artful Cup
    • Starbucks - several locations
    • Java Junction
    • Traders Coffee
    • Jitterz Coffee Hut
    • Octopus Coffee

    Each one is excellent. Splurge a little and start your Friday with a cup of freshly roasted coffee. Better yet, make that two.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Hit the Gym

    Grand Junction gyms kick butt, too!

    To diffuse a sucky day just set a course for your favorite Grand Junction, Clifton, Palisade, or Fruita gym. We have several, and they are all excellent. Work that stress out of your system. Take your frustration out on the dumbbells. Western Colorado gyms feature some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Head there now to put the kibosh on the suck factor.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Goodman Band at Triple Tree Tavern

    Defeat the Blues with a little Rock and Blues

    One of Grand Junction's best bands, the Goodman Band, will play the Triple Tree Tavern in Clifton. The band is hot, the music selection is top notch. Looking to make a new friend? Hit Gerry up for some Johnny Cash. He'll love you forever. Personally, I visit the Triple Tree Tavern for old times sake. My great-grandparents used to be the postmasters in that building back when it used to be the Clifton Post Office. That was a long time ago. Now I just enjoy some great music, a beer, and cool people.

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