While many Grand Junction residents rush to the store to stock up on paper products and brown rice, other residents are asking a pressing question: What about our pets? In response, local pet supply stores are offering curbside pickup, and in some cases, free delivery on some orders.

We asked via our Facebook page, 'What are you trying to decide right now?" One listener responded with:


I had been thinking the same thing. Fortunately, my pet food supply is fairly well stocked. With that in mind, though, this shutdown could go on longer than just April 10. What about pet food?

It just so happens Grand Junction's Chow Down Pet Supplies is offering free delivery on orders of $70 or more. In the event your purchase comes to less than $70, there is a $7.50 delivery charge. They can deliver in a seven-mile radius of the store at 2500 Broadway. Purchases made before noon can be delivered that same day. There are no deliveries on Sunday.

Chow Down Pet Supplies has several locations across Colorado. I called the Grand Junction store to see if these services were available at other locations. The free delivery and curbside pickup applies for the Chow Down Put Supplies in Fruita, too.

Has this service been around long? According to an employee at Chow Down Pet Supplies, on-line ordering and delivery service had been on the drawing board for some time, but the current Coronavirus situation sped up the process.

Another Grand Junction pet supply store, J & M Aquatics, is offering special services during the crisis. According to their Facebook page:

If you are feeling under the weather or are social distancing or in a high risk group, feel free to call us and let us know what you need. You can pay over the phone and we can get your order ready for you. When you arrive we can even bring it out to your car! We hope doing this will help those most at risk of Covid-19. We appreciate all of you! (970) 245-2526.

In the event I run out of dog food before the shutdown ends, it is entirely possible I'll request the delivery service offered at Chow Down. It's not that I'm afraid to come into contact with others, but rather because it is very difficult to get out of the studio and to their retail location during regular business hours. I'm in the same boat you're probably in - workload is up, and available business hours at retail locations are down. Getting in to do shopping has become increasingly challenging.

Thank you to the various Grand Junction pet food stores for offering these services. It will save the day for many a concerned pet owner.

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