The good news. Grand Junction and Montrose residents are less of a risk to lenders as credit scores in the area are on the rise.  The bad news. So is the amount of debt.

If you're smart with your credit, you probably know your credit score or at the very least whether it's good or bad. What you don't know is how your credit rating compares with others in the area.

Experian, one of the agencies that collect credit information, has taken their data and compiled a list of average credit ratings in major metropolitan areas across the US including Grand Junction-Montrose.

The State of Credit Report 2016 shows the average national credit VantageScore is 673. That's up four points from 2015. Other national averages include the number of bank cards (2.35), credit utilization (30%), average debt per consumer ($39,216), and average balance on bank cards ($5,551).

In Colorado, the report includes Denver, Colorado Springs, and the combined areas of Grand Junction and Montrose. The results from the 2016 report and change over 2015:

  • Grand Junction-Montrose

  • Score 683 (+5)
  • Average Debt $40,466 (+$11,739)
  • Number of Bankcards 2.15 (+0.07)
  • Average Balance $5,016 (+870)
  • Credit Utilization 29.0% (unchanged)
  • Denver

  • Score 687 (+5)
  • Average Debt $41,942 (+$11,054)
  • Number of Bankcards 2.56 (+0.08)
  • Average Balance $5,997 (+$1,208)
  • Credit Utilization 29.0% (unchanged)
  • Colorado Springs

  • Score 674 (+3)
  • Average Debt $38,666 (+8288)
  • Number of Bankcards 2.37 (+0.08)
  • Average Balance $5,851 (+$1,271)
  • Credit Utilization 31% (unchanged)

The top three VantageScores in the US (707-708) all come from cities in Minnesota. They are Mankato, Rochester, and Minneapolis.

The lowest scoring city in the US is Greenwood, Mississippi with a score of 622 followed by Albany, Georgia at 624.

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