I was born and raised in Grand Junction, and after 48 years, I can honestly say I've never seen a winter like this. It's probably not even accurate to call what we experienced earlier this year a "winter." Even though we're approaching mid-April, Grand Junction might just have one more snowfall to offer.

According to the National Weather Service, Grand Junction and the surrounding areas might just see a little snow this Thursday and Friday. Why is it going to snow this Friday? Simple. I'll be pouring concrete with my dad on Friday. You know the drill - nothing ever happens until you have a huge outdoor project.

National Weather Service Grand Junction
National Weather Service

Is snow in April a big deal? Not hardly. Four years ago I spent four hours on the side of the road when I-70 was shut down due to heavy snow. Granted, that was up valley a little bit, but nowhere near the passes. Oh, and that was on May 11.

I'm rooting for Grand Junction. This winter was a dud. At no point in time did a snow shovel ever leave my garage this last season. I swept snow twice and wasn't entirely sure why I bothered.

Chances are, since I begged and pleaded for another snowfall, we'll end up getting five more snow showers between now and May. There's nothing like a little egg on your face.

You can do it, Grand Junction. One more snow, please. We have 100+ degree weather coming up this summer, and I could use one more taste of Colorado winter. It doesn't have to be much. It doesn't necessarily have to stay around long, either. One more snowfall so I can get my fix and get ready to roll into a busy summer.

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