Do you enjoy live music performed in a historic atmosphere? Stop what you're doing and make your way to Paonia, Colorado, and visit the amazing Blue Sage.

I enjoyed the opportunity to play the Blue Sage Center for the Arts last Saturday night with Clark Gault's Swing City Express. Don't ask me how, but in 30 years of playing music in Western Colorado, I'd never before played this venue.

Blue Sage Paonia Colorado 2
Waylon Jordan

This is the good stuff. Imagine if you will a two story brick, and judging by my estimates, handmade brick, building with more history than you can shake a stick at. The building is awesome, the stage is awesome, and the atmosphere is awesome. The stage was more than adequate to accommodate a 14-piece big band.

Swing City Express Blue Sage in Paonia Colorado
Waylon Jordan

The Blue Sage Center for the Arts showcases several expressive mediums, everything from Big Band music, classical music, creative writing, and artworks. The venue sports an impressive schedule of events. Over the course of the next three weeks, they'll host book readings, a classical concert, and a piano recital.

I regret not having visited this venue before. Here are five reasons why you should stop by the first chance you get:

  • The entertainment and educational lineup is fantastic
  • The patrons are probably the nicest people you'll ever meet in your life
  • This is a true center for the arts, rooted in a community with a strong tradition of supporting creative endeavors
  • The building is perfect. I'll take it over a new venue any day.
  • This is Colorado at its finest

I'm already happy. From from I understand, the Swing City Express has been booked to play the Blue Sage again next year. I can't wait.

Visiting the venue is well worth the trip. According to Google Maps, the drive comes in at one hour and nineteen minutes. I personally cannot vouch for this since I slept the entire way. From what I recall, the drive alone was worth the trip.

Grand Junction to Paonia Colorado drive
Google Maps

The Blue Sage Center for the Arts in Paonia is a treasure. Use it. There are several shows coming up between now and the end of April. I recommend you catch as many as you can. Make a family event out of it.

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