Zach Vogel took on the best of the best and came out on top in this episode of the Broken Skull Challenge. What happened during the Skull Buster was unbelievable. He tells us in the studio.

Season Five Episode Nine was by far the most grueling I have seen in all my time watching Broken Skull Ranch. What made it more exciting was that a Grand Junction man was there to compete and to challenge himself. Zach Vogel impressed a lot of people with his behemoth effort.

Nicknamed 'The Yeti', this 6'2 220-pond extreme athlete tore through the other opponents in the three rounds of competition. Here's his trip through the challenge.

The Summit: Zach versus Ken. Zack almost went home early. Ken took a swipe at the bell but came up short.

Death Grip: Zach versus Ian. Ian was a little banged up, but it wouldn't have mattered. Zack dominated.

The Peak into The Pit: Zach versus Brandon. Neck and neck finish as they entered The Pit.

Skull Buster - Half mile course with 10 body-crushing obstacles. Back Breaker, Rib Cage, Heartbreak Hill, Landing Pads, Burnout, Framed, Turnstile, Wedge, Rainmaker and to finish it a 25-foot rope climb. That's when the unthinkable happened.

It was an unbelievable effort on Zack's part. Both mentally and physically. Thankfully, Zack is alright and he said if the Broken Skull Ranch called him back, he would do it in a heartbeat.

Here is the first interview before the episode aired.

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BONUS VIDEO: Keyes Interviews Zack Vogel Before Broken Skull Episode Airs

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