What did you think of yesterday's light show? Western Colorado enjoyed, in my opinion at least, a welcome dose of lightning and rain yesterday. Check out the light show from a time when Grand Junction was a much small place with these Bob Grant photos from the 1970s.

How can you tell this lightning is from the 1970s? Take a look - the lightning bolts have sideburns and brown corduroy pants. Okay, that's not true. How do I know they were taken in the '70s? In 1971, my grandpa, Bob Grant, moved to the top of Little Park Road. That's where all of these pictures were taken.

Whenever lightning would strike, you would find my grandpa, Bob Grant, on the front porch with his camera. Keep in mind, this was long before the digital camera. We're talking black and white film and leaving the shutter open. He would set the shutter to stay open, and then use his black wallet to cover the lens until lightning would strike. He'd then remove the wallet until the lightning stopped, and then close the shutter. It was old school, but it certainly worked.

Yesterday's extravaganza motivated me to search through some scans of his photos. Here's a handful that caught my eye. I don't know the precise dates, but he moved to Little Park in 1971 and retired from photography in 1985, so..... these were taken somewhere between 1971 and 1985.

Personally, I could use a little more rain and lighting. I don't have a view like this, but that's okay. The National Weather Service predicts we could see more lightning tonight (Tuesday), and Thursday and Friday evenings.

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