Next Monday, January 13, is National Rubber Duckie Day! Do you still have yours? If not, where can Western Colorado shoppers find a rubber duckie?

Once a year on January 13, the world stops, if only for a fraction of a millisecond, to observe National Rubber Duckie Day. Okay, it's weird. Will the bank be closed? Will schools close for the holiday? I'm afraid not. It appears this isn't exactly a major holiday.

Do you have a rubber duckie? How does one celebrate? According to the website Holidayinsights, "Simply hop in the tub and bring your rubber duckie along. Don't forget to sing the Rubber Duckie Song as you play." Check out the video above. That was February 1970. It became a mainstream hit, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was nominated for the Best Recording for Children Grammy in 1971. Don't tell me rubber duckies don't have their place in the sun.

Another wildly popular thing to do is hold a rubber duckie race. Well, we've certainly seen a number of rubber duckie races in Grand Junction. I'm not entirely sure I want to do that in mid-January in Grand Junction, not with temperatures in the teens and a 20% chance of snow.

I can tell you one thing for certain - the common household rubber duckie has certainly changed in the last 50 years. When I was little, you had rubber ducks. One pretty much looked like the other. Today, it's an all-new ballgame. You wouldn't believe what's out there.

Instead of me telling you about it, why don't you take a look? You might just find the rubber duckie of your dreams. Here are five models to get you started.

Holy crud! How did we all live so long without this? For your consideration, we present the Bohemian Quacksody Rubber Duck Bath Toy.

This is taking movie marketing a bit too far. The officially licensed Batman Rubber Duck Toy.

What the?

Great movie, but this is taking things a little too far.

No way!!!

I give you my word... when I was little, we had rubber ducks. One simple design. Everybody's ducks looked pretty much the same. Okay, I can't help it. Here's one more.

Quackodile Rock.... right on. Now they're pushing it. Okay.... one more!

Don't find yourself unprepared on Monday when National Rubber Duckie Day rolls around. If you're like me, the last time you saw a rubber duck you were spending your Friday nights at Rainbow Roller Rink and listening to The Village People. Judging by what Amazon has to offer, the rubber duck hasn't gone the way of the Dodo. They're as abundant as ever. Get yours today.

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