As of Tuesday morning, August 24, 2021, construction is underway at Grand Junction's newest station, Fire Station 3. Let's celebrate by taking a look back at decades of service on behalf of local firefighters with these Bob Grant photos.

You might be saying, "Wait, I thought we already had a Fire Station 3 at this location." You would be correct. This is a brand new facility under construction directly south of the existing Fire Station 3.

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History of Fire Station 3

I can remember when they built the original Fire Station 3 back in 1975. I was a kindergartner at the neighboring Pomona Elementary school on 25 1/2 Road and Patterson.

According to, the fire department negotiated a land swap with the school district. Pomona Elementary will acquire the property where Fire Station 3 currently exists, converting it to a parking lot.

New Location

Location of New Fire Station 3 in Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

Construction is underway right now at the parking lot directly south of the existing Fire Station 3 at 582 25 1/2 Road. The area has been fenced off and signage is in place asking the public to observe safety restrictions.

Location of New Fire Station 3 in Grand Junction B
Waylon Jordan

Grand Junction Firefighters of the Past

Over the years, Colorado has been home to amazing firefighters and first-responders. Looking back at these Robert Grand photos from the 1940s, '50s, '60s, and '70s, I see several friends and relatives who've served as firefighters. You'll see shots of Mike Gazdak, who recently retired from the Grand Junction Fire Department, battling a fire at a downtown GJ auto parts store.

Quite a bit of time has gone by since these photos were taken, and yet it's amazing how little things have changed. My grandpa, Robert Grant, died clear back in November of 2000. His photos, however, still hold up.

Please take a moment to look back on the selfless men and women serving in Western Colorado's various fire departments. Every time I think my job is rougher than I'd like, I take a look at these. Thank you all for keeping our city safe.

Another Recent Celebration

Barely a month ago, firefighters from Fire Station 2 in Grand Junction volunteered their time to help a retired GJFD Captain celebrate his 90th birthday. I was in attendance at Wayne Marks' 90th birthday party when firefighters arrived on Engine #2 to take the retired Captain for a ride.

Grand Junction Fire Department Pays Tribute to Retired Captain Wayne Marks on His 90th Birthday

Members of the Grand Junction Fire Department brought Engine #2 to the 90th birthday celebration of retired Captain Wayne Marks.

I'm looking forward to the completion of the new fire station. For the better part of 20 years, I lived in the area of Grand Junction protected by this particular station. At this time, construction is expected to take between eight and ten months.

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Experience Grand Junction Through the Lens of Local Photographer Robert Grant

These 16 photos were chosen strictly at random. All photos are by Robert Grant.

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