While you may not need a 'windshield assist' every morning this winter, it's super helpful to know that for a pretty decent price you may never need to scrape snow and ice off your windshield ever again!

Last Tuesday lots of folks in Grand Junction and Clifton woke up to windshields full of ice and snow. Sometimes this can be enough to throw the whole morning off. We all know the routine, warm up the car, turn up the defroster and maybe fumble around in the trunk for the ice scraper. By the time you can see where you are going you may be late for work.

Or, maybe it's your ice scraper that has been around for ages! Down here at the radio station we tried to clear off the windshields on the station vehicle and we ended up snapping the ice scraper clean in half! Now we have a stick with just a brush on it! Doh!

It's the guys at Ezyshade to the rescue! For $25 to $30 bucks you never need to scrape your windshield again! Snow, ice and tons of falling leaves will never be an issue again! Just strap this Ezy Shade Windshield snow cover on when you get home and be worry-free in the morning. Check it out below.

Since I technically broke the ice scraper, I'm thinking of just buying one for the station vehicle for Christmas. It will come in super handy around here! As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.

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