A week ago I asked you to direct me to Grand Junction's finest margarita. After a week of intense voting, the results are in. Here's your pick for Grand Junction best.

As I mentioned in the previous post, it seems the last margarita I had was at the Thirsty Parrot in Colorado Springs about ten years ago. When it comes to "mixed" drinks, margaritas are about the only kind I enjoy. Given the fact that I'm a cheap son of a gun, it's been a while since I've been motivated to fork over the bucks to buy one. Well, last Saturday was National Margarita Day, and a delicious margarita seemed to be in order. One problem - I had no idea where to find the valley's best.

That's where you come in. At times like this, the only thing to do is take it to the public. I asked, "Where can one find Grand Junction's best margarita?" You voted and in a BIG way. Tons of votes poured in.

To quote Sean Connery, or Connor MacLeod, depending on which part of Highlander you want to borrow from, "There can be only one." Well, the votes have been counted, and in this case, none were missed, and these are the results:


Congratulations, Tequila's Family Mexican Restaurant. You won, and by a considerable margin. Honorable mention goes to Chili's, Las Maria's, Dos Hombres, and Fiesta Guadalajara.

It appears I'll be setting a course for Tequila's Family Mexican Restaurant, probably the North Avenue location, this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who voted. The results of these polls come in handy. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions and support local businesses.

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