It seems I missed National Margarita Day last Saturday. This is one holiday I wouldn't mind celebrating. Where would a person find Grand Junction's best margarita?

National Margarita Day always falls on February 22. It just so happens that the date fell on a Saturday this year.

Looking back, it seems the last margarita I had was at the Thirsty Parrot in Colorado Springs about ten years ago. When it comes to "mixed" drinks, margaritas are about the only kind I enjoy.

It seems every restaurant or bar offers a wide variety of margarita drinks. They come in every color of the rainbow. However, according to Wikipedia, a "classic" margarita consists of:

  • tequila
  • orange liqueur
  • lime juice
  • often served with salt on the rim of the glass
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Last year, one of the crew asked you where he could find the best margarita in town. Some of your suggestions included:

  • Tequila's Mexican Restaurant
  • Fiesta Guadalajara
  • Aztecas

That's a pretty short list. I think we can do a little better. It's time to let the moths out of my wallet and fork over a few bucks for a delicious margarita. Where does one begin? We're talking about a singular drink here, so let's make it count.

Here's a long list of Grand Junction area bars and restaurants. If I missed anybody, please write their name in, and it will be added to the list.

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