Winter driving in Colorado can be a real mess. From traction laws to mountain passes, things can get pretty tricky if you have decided to travel during a winter storm.

Here on the Western Slope, we are pretty lucky to only experience a handful of snowy days that impact our roads. When we do see snowfall in town, are there areas or streets that you avoid? Can you think of roads with an uphill or downhill slope that may be hard to travel on in the snow?

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A Winter Weather Advisory Has Been Issued for Mesa County

A Winter Weather Advisory will stay in effect until at least 5 AM Thursday morning. Expect roads to be slick in some spots and for the possibility of additional snowfall Wednesday evening and overnight into Thursday.

Track the snowfall throughout the day by checking in with the probabilities map from the National Weather Service here. You can also get updated road conditions for the state you are calling from by dialing 5-1-1.

Winter Storm Impacts Travel Conditions in Western Colorado

While snowfall has been minimal in Grand Junction so far, the higher elevations are experiencing significant snow. Avalanche warnings and travel restrictions should be expected over the next day or two throughout Colorado.

What Are Grand Junction's Worst Roads to Drive On When It Snows?

When it is snowing the first thing I try to do is find a way around bridges, overpasses, or streets with a steep incline. One place I try to avoid when the snow is coming down in Grand Junction is 1st Street and Patterson. 1st Street goes up a big incline on either side of this intersection and I would hate to slide down either hill in any direction.

Can you think of roads and intersections that become super frustrating when it snows in town? Pointing out the ones you avoid could help someone else stay away from a jam later so get as specific as you can and point out some trouble spots to avoid when it snows in Grand Junction below.

Grand Junction Colorado's Least Favorite Roads To Drive Down When it Snows

It doesn't snow often in Grand Junction, but when it does traffic can be a mess. While the snow was falling on Wednesday of this week we asked you which roads you try to avoid the most when it snows. Here are the top answers:

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