Today, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, is recognized as "Ugly Truck Day." Do you recall a project-vehicle resembling "Mater" that used to cruise the streets of Grand Junction, Colorado?

Let me say in advance, while today is "Ugly Truck Day," no one ever said this truck was ugly. It was something of a local icon. People would stop and cheer when Mater would make its way through downtown.

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Has It Been Five Years Already?

Can you believe it's been over five years since this urban legend prowled the streets of Grand Junction? The video above was first shared back in March 2017.

Like most people, you've probably wondered what the story is behind the creation of this local curiosity. Get the inside scoop on 'Mater, Tow Mater's long-lost cousin.

Waylon Jordan, Townsquare Media
Waylon Jordan, Townsquare Media

This Truck Got Around

Chances are you saw this truck rolling up and down 5th Street more than a time or two. For those in Fruita, you probably saw it once or twice as well.

Waylon Jordan, Townsquare Media

What started out as a Nissan Sentra rapidly turned into a Western Colorado icon. It is obvious the person or persons responsible for its creation possess a number of skills when it comes to project cars.

What's The Scoop?

As the truck's creator, Travis, explains in the video below, the truck was originally constructed for a funeral.

After a closer look, you'll notice the truck featured several recognizable symbols including the Ghostbusters logo (which appears at least twice) and a current version of the Batman symbol.

Waylon Jordan, Townsquare Media
Waylon Jordan, Townsquare Media

This Thing Has Been "MacGyvered"

What you haven't seen is the "James Bond" features found on this little beauty. Under the hood, the truck includes a system of multi-colored lights. It also comes with a fog machine. Yes, a fog machine. Between the fog and the lights, this truck could put on a spectacular light show after dark.

There's a reason why you never had the chance to see the fog machine in action. Apparently, this particular feature was not smiled upon by local authorities. It seems police don't appreciate a truck driving down the road emitting fog and lasers.

Personally, I haven't seen this vehicle in years. It may be under a blanket somewhere in the Bat Cave, or in this case, Mater Cave.

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