The National Weather Service predicts Grand Junction, Colorado's high temperature might reach 79 this Sunday, March 27, 2022. Will that be a new record high?

Looking at Grand Junction's weather history, it's entirely possible this Sunday's temps might set a record. Here's the breakdown.

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High Temperatures Pushing 80 In Grand Junction, Colorado

The National Weather Service anticipates a warm weekend for Grand Junction, Colorado. This Saturday, March 26, the valley could see a temperature of 78. On Sunday, March 27, we might just see 79 degrees. A Facebook post from The National Weather Service Grand Junction reads:

High pressure continues to build into eastern Utah and western Colorado from the west, with the dry warming trend to continue into the weekend. Afternoon high temperatures will warm to well above seasonal both Saturday and Sunday, with a few record highs possible on Sunday.

Grand Junction, Colorado Weather History

Looking at the table at, it appears as though Grand Junction could set a new record this Sunday. According to the chart, the "average" high for the date of March 27 is 62 degrees. Given that, it appears Grand Junction could be close to 20 degrees above average this weekend.

The chart shows Grand Junction's record temperature for the date of March 27 to be 77 degrees, set in 1988. Not only might we surpass that temp, but we may also break the record by two degrees.

Will This Last?

The above-normal temperatures in Grand Junction will last through Monday, with an estimated high of 75. Then on Tuesday, the National Weather Service predicts temperatures will drop down to seasonal norms, with a high of 63 and a strong chance of rain.

What About the Mountains Around Grand Junction, Colorado?

The National Weather Service reports conditions on the Grand Mesa will be sunny and a bit warm over the weekend. They predict a high of 54 on Saturday, March 26, 2022, and a high of 55 on Sunday. Conditions change Monday evening, March 28, with a low of 27 and a chance of snow showers. On Tuesday, March 29, the area eight miles southeast of Mesa, Colorado will see a high of 38 and snow showers.

Looking at the week ahead, it looks as though the temperatures in Grand Junction will remain in the 60s, with lows in the upper thirties and lower 40s. I never thought I would say this, but I might just spend this weekend, a weekend in the month of March, doing a little planting around the yard.

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For those that want to see some great scenery but don't want to work for it, the Ribbon Trail is the perfect destination hike for non-hikers.

The Ribbon Trail Hike itself is about 7 miles in length and quite strenuous. But, the first part of the trail from the upper trailhead to Ribbon Rock is not difficult at all. The hike is about 1/4 mile and takes you to some pretty incredible scenery in western Colorado.

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It was really simple to find as I put the location into GPS and it connects immediately, although there isn't a ton of parking so try to be respectful of others trying to use the trail.

During my hike, I decided to walk around and try to take lots of beautiful photos as I knew this would probably be my last hike for a while. Here are some of the shots I got this past weekend on my hike.

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