Sometimes life in Colorado puts you in a situation that can feel pretty overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to let it out. Doing so can sometimes mean you'll want a little privacy.

We asked you to tell us about your favorite locations around Grand Junction when you want a little solitude, privacy, or maybe to be in a place that offers some inspiration while you sort out your feelings.

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Is Crying Good For You?

The folks at Harvard Health say that crying can help with the release of oxytocin and endogenous opioids, which are known as endorphins. These chemicals can help ease pain and emotional distress. Science shows crying actually increases attachment between individuals and encourages closeness, empathy, and support.

Finding a Good Place to Cry

We all have our own safe spaces and places that feel more comfortable than others. A good place to cry can be at home, in the shower, in the bedroom, or in any place that you feel comfortable. For some taking those emotions outdoors to someplace beautiful is more helpful. As long as the space brings you comfort, there is no wrong answer.

Where Do You Go When You Need to Cry?

Being a radio DJ, I hear all the time how people will turn to music when feeling emotional. Sometimes a really sad song can actually help make you feel better when times are sad.

We asked you to tell us about some of the locations you have turned to when you needed a little space. If you shared an answer, we thank you. It may help someone who needs to get through a hard time. Scroll on to see the top answers from Grand Junction, Colorado.

Try These Places in Grand Junction Colorado the Next Time You Need to Cry

Sometimes you just need a few minutes to cry it out. Try these locations in Grand Junction the next time you're looking for solitude, peace, and maybe even a little inspiration. We asked you if you have a location around Grand Junction that you go to for times like this, and we have shared the top answers in the photo gallery below.

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